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November 8th & 9th, Oklahoma City



The Oklahoma Mortgage Bankers Association has the unique opportunity of a role that involves both support and guidance of Oklahoma’s real estate market.  This is a market that over the last 10years specifically has seen dramatic growth.  Growth that was influenced by a thriving economy, successful public projects and a sustainable increase in population as so many Americans moved into Oklahoma.  In addition, a lower cost of living combined with a boom in new home construction has made Oklahoma even more attractive in the last 3-5years.  All of this to share that our focus for the 2021 OMBA Annual Conference is on the State of Oklahoma itself. 


Each of the above factors drive mortgage production which in turn not only supports the booming economy, but also provides an ideal opportunity for a strong return on investment to Service Partners and Investors.  Technology will be highlighted and is core to forward momentum for the residential mortgage industry.  Particularly after a year like 2020 where we witnessed unpredicted success across the real estate industry and also saw leaps in technology to keep up with changing demands. 


Our vision for the 2021 OMBA Conference is to highlight the consistent growth of Oklahoma through the impact of the real estate market driven by residential mortgage origination.


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